Kate Shugak Novels by Dana Stabenow

Kate Shugak Novels by Dana Stabenow: Set in Alaska, this is an uncommonly good mystery series by an Edgar Award-winning author

Dana Stabenow’s Kate Shugak novels feature well-developed, interesting characters, a locale known to few (an Alaskan national park) and lifestyles even fewer of us could handle.

This is one of the handsdown best mystery series I’m following. It’s on my “Uncommonly Good Mysteries” list, it’s that good.

I love the way Dana Stabenow immerses me in the culture of native Alaskans. The ancient traditions and modern technology go hand-in-hand here, with snowmobiles the main winter-time vehicle for getting around.

The plots are always good… and I LEARN so much in every book. I keep up with Dana’s new offerings via Facebook. This is one series I never want to miss a beat on.

NOTE: At this writing, there are 20 books in the Kate Shugak series, which I’ve listed in order below. It may be a while until the next Kate Shugak novel appears, as the author has launched another book series – the Silk and Song trilogy. If you’re a Dana Stabenow fan, you might want to check out her new series, which starts with “Everything Under the Heavens.” It’s not a mystery; it’s book 1 of a trilogy featuring the granddaughter of Marco Polo. I’ve been enjoying the books so far.

Kate Shugak novels in order:

  1. A Cold Day for Murder [Read this book first. The Kindle version is FREE.]
  2. A Fatal Thaw
  3. Dead In The Water
  4. A Cold-Blooded Business
  5. Play With Fire
  6. Blood Will Tell
  7. Breakup
  8. Killing Grounds
  9. Hunter’s Moon
  10. Midnight Come Again
  11. A Singing of the Dead
  12. A Fine and Bitter Snow
  13. A Grave Denied
  14. A Taint in the Blood
  15. A Deeper Sleep
  16. Whisper to the Blood
  17. A Night Too Dark
  18. Though Not Dead
  19. Restless in the Grave
  20. Bad Blood
  21. Less Than A Treason
  22. No Fixed Line  (release date 1/1/20)

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