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Category: Motivational

Life Wants the Best for You

For the spiritual seeker, “surrender” does not mean throwing in the towel in defeat. It does not mean someone or something has won and you have lost. Surrender simply means brushing aside your own strong-willed nature in order to do what Life wants in any situation.

Message from a Spiny Orb Weaver Spider

This spiny orb weaver spider brought me the message I needed to hear When we moved into our new apartment in April 2013, our next-door neighbor turned out to be a spiny orb weaver spider. At the time, I didn’t know what type of critter she was… I just knew that she was a pretty funky-looking …

My Mom, The Queen of Courage

My mother, Anne, was the Queen of Courage in my life – a graceful, gracious and tough lady, especially when faced with adversity. The Finns have the perfect word for her kind of toughness – sisu – which describes determination and perseverance when faced with adversity. My mom had sisu up the wazoo. That’s why I …

Zombie lawn decor starts apocalypse

Did my zombie lawn decorations accidentally start an apocalypse last Halloween? It started out as a typical Halloween night. The sun had set and I was waiting for the first trick-or-treaters to arrive, when – all of a sudden – I heard this awful moaning on the front lawn. The yard decorations were on a zombie …