Motivational Guidance About What LIFE Wants

Life with a capital L

For a year in 2011-2012, I woke up before dawn to ask for and receive guidance from the Divine Presence Within which I then posted on a public blog called “What Life Wants.” These motivational writings were pertinent to my life situation at the time, but there is also a universal message in each of the posts.

At this time in world events, the writings seem even more relevant. Some posts are very uplifting while others are butt-kickers; all are thought-provoking.

This first post in the What Life Wants series explains what my Higher Self/Divine Presence Within had in mind for this early morning adventure. I hope you find something of use or value here.

Divine Energy of Life… please tell me what it is I need to know

There are multiple aspects of “you” and your physical being is one of them. The energy of you that resides with your current physical being on earth represents one part of our conversation. Other aspects of your infinite being are connected with your past/concurrent life experiences on earth (primarily). Guidance could come from here also. But the main dialogue will be with what most people talk about as the Higher Self… the energy of your eternal being that is aware of its place in The All.

Because your mind and body are currently in a 3-dimensional world, you tend to see life in only three dimensions. But, in truth, there are aspects of your eternal self in higher dimensions as well. So you can think of “Divine Energy of Life” as your Higher Self, but it is more than “one” self… because all people’s Higher Selves are connected in the Divine Energy of Life also… what some might call “Universal Mind.” This is the energy of the Infinite (God/Great Spirit/Source/Life). You belong here as much as you belong in your current city on Earth.

For our purposes here, you are raising your vibration to align with your Higher Self, which does not incarnate in a physical body, but which groups itself with other “Higher Selves” that are compatible in energy. The way we operate is the way you will learn to operate while still in 3-D. Distinct energies melding without separation for needed purposes, energies reforming and remelding with other energies for other purposes. There is no pecking order or leader… rather an instant understanding of what Life wants. This intuitive connection and understanding of what Life wants in any situation is what you are attempting in your own “small l” life and what you are conversing with your Higher Self about.

We can assist you with perspective so that the intuitive knowings can then come more easily and clearly on your own. Although this is not exactly correct, either. As you raise your awareness, you will be less separated from the perspective of your Higher Self than you are now. So, in essence, your 3-Dimensional being is reconnecting with its higher dimensional aspects… even while you are in a physical body on Earth. You don’t need to die physically to achieve this. You just need to be aware and ask.