Life Wants the Best for You

Post #2 – What Life Wants Author’s Note

When these pre-dawn wakeups were happening in 2011, I had quite a few messages such as this. I’m naturally a night person; back then I was working full-time and my rationalization skills were in fine form. But I learned that my life worked more smoothly when I honored the agreement to wake an hour earlier to write and these days – 8 years later – when I feel the “call” of Spirit/Higher Self/Divine Presence Within… I stop what I’m doing and open my journal… just sayin’.

SEE POST 1 for the introduction to the What Life Wants series.


You hear much about the word “surrender” and we wish to clarify what this means for the spiritual seeker. “Surrender” does not mean throwing in the towel in defeat. It does not mean someone or something has won and you have lost. Surrender simply means brushing aside your own strong-willed nature in order to do what Life wants in any situation.

For example, this morning you would have preferred to sleep later because you were tired. Yet you “surrendered” to the agreement we had made about working together in the early mornings. You perhaps recognized that a battle of wills between yourself and Life might not be for your highest good. Or perhaps you remembered that this is your learning time and of value to you personally.

It matters not why you honored your agreement to rise earlier to write. You did it. You surrendered to the higher value of learning than to the need for sleep.

What Life wants is always for your highest good, when seen in the context of eternity.