It Is What It Is… Is it?

Still, yet, more, again until it stops. What is “it”? The world knows what “it” is. And “it” stops when enough people speak truth to power.

A government of the people, by the people, and for the people needs active people, not bystanders. Where is the best bang for your action’s buck? Are you brave enough to find out? A vote helps, yes. But apparently votes can be tampered with – on purpose or by accident. So what is your (lawful, non-violent) method for ensuring that a republic remains in the space between Canada and Mexico?

Here are a few steps ordinary people can take to make sure that the space between Canada and Mexico lives up to our expectations

Peaceful protests are one type of action. Heartfelt prayer is another. Group meditations to build higher consciousness are also a way to bring about healing and change. Standing in place silently in groups (socially distanced as needed) works, too… and gets attention without provoking others. Sit-ins and teach-ins have proven valuable in the past. Or how about songs written for these times… songs of hope and human kindness… songs that are easy to remember and sing. The 1960s had their anthems. The 2020s can, too.

It may take quite a while to right the ship called the United States of America, now that its hull integrity may have been compromised. As passengers on this vessel, many are feeling demoralized and betrayed, knowing what is happening but not knowing what to do about it. “Of the people, by the people, for the people” means we don’t get to just stand by and watch while the situation deteriorates. Maybe it’s time to start bailing, even as the ship’s officers continue to twiddle their thumbs or create more havoc.

So what can one individual do to help make an imperfect union more perfect?

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big difference

For example, if you’re a cook, feed people who are hungry. If you’re a writer, feel the truth and write about it. If you’re a musician, create an uplifting anthem. If you’re a walker, join a peaceful protest march.

If you’re a preacher, think about how Jesus taught the multitudes. If you’re a history teacher, give civics lessons everywhere you can. If you’re a senior citizen, what are you an expert in that is becoming a lost art… can you teach it to others?

Politicians are not the only ones with muscle in this game. We the people have a lot at stake and the time for passive watching is over. Unless you think going down with the ship is your path in life.