The Game of Life is Oneness

If we were to view life as a game, our victory would be a sense of oneness with all life, including with the Divine Presence… the God Force.

The concept of oneness is not generally well-understood by humans. It feels as if living in the 3rd dimension on Earth is so arduous that it requires people to erect barriers against just about everything, cutting us off from the beautiful life that surrounds us, could we but see it.

When a person smothers his spirit in armor, he does not realize that the God Force lives within him and not up in the sky somewhere outside. When he shuts himself off from the wonders of nature, he tends to kill rather than learn from the bugs, birds and bees.

An omnipresent God is not outside of anything. It is we who are inside the Divine Presence, the vastness of which is unmeasurable by beings on Earth. The God Force recognizes us by our energy vibration, not by our finances or our accolades. Our energetic vibration is who we are and as we begin to feel the Divine Presence more and more, the armor we’ve constructed is no longer needed. We are at one with the Divine Presence and with all of life. It feels like coming home.

And we don’t have to die for it to happen.