Lightweight Chef’s Knife Review

My weak wrists love this 6-inch lightweight Victorinox chef’s knife

Lightweight Victorinox chef's knife

My 6-inch Victorinox chef’s knife


For my 68th birthday, I finally got my first chef’s knife – an ergonomic, lightweight 6-inch Victorinox chef’s knife that suits me perfectly. I’ve had weakened wrists since a waitress job in the 1960s had me carrying incredibly heavy trays, so I was extremely happy to receive an all-round kitchen knife that fit my needs so well.

Not to mention that, now I’m officially a senior citizen, comfort has become more important than ego.

“What! You don’t have the greatest top-of-the-line expensive chef’s knife?” Nope, I don’t. But I do have one of the best-rated. In fact it was the reviews on Amazon that sold me on this model (and size). Plus, it’s made by the Swiss Army Knife people.

For years, I had been using a handed-down Dexter Russell breaking knife and… well… it wasn’t that great. Too long, too old, too uncomfortable for my weak wrists. Plus it was intended to cut meat… which I don’t consume anymore, having switched to a vegetarian diet.

I wanted a good, inexpensive, all-purpose kitchen knife that was sharp, but not so scary that I’d never use it.

You see, I inherited my mom’s 8-inch Zwilling J. A. Henckels knife, but the handle is so heavy and the blade feels way too long for safe chopping (for me). Not having a lot of experience with quality cooking tools like… say… a great cook’s knife, I just was never comfortable around a big, sharp cutting blade like that.


A closeup of my knife’s ergonomic Fibrox handle

Ergonomic Fibrox handle

Ergonomic Fibrox handle


The lightweight handle made my choice of knives easier


Victorinox Chef's KnifeI did my research and ended up putting the 6-inch Victorinox with its lightweight Fibrox handle on my birthday wish list.

I checked out the 8-and 10-inchers, too, but the reviews convinced me that I’d be happiest with the all-purpose, smaller 6″ version.

I’m so glad I took my time reading what the Amazon reviewers had to say, because my new knife makes cooking fun now.

I can slice tomatoes without tearing the skin. Onion-chopping is easier than ever. I use this knife to skin mangoes, cut up peaches, and finely-chop garlic. Actually, I use it for almost everything.

If your wrists could use a break, or if big, long knives feel too unwieldy, it’ll be worth your time to take a look at my great little knife with the comfy Fibrox handle.

Just click on the knife picture to the left and when you see the Victorinox 40570 page, scroll down to the reviews section. It’s interesting reading.

I love my 6-inch model, but if your wrists are stronger than mine, you might prefer the 8″ Victorinox. The extra two inches on the blade will let you chop or slice larger items or just more veggies at a time.

I was amazed to find the top-rated 8″ chef’s knife on Amazon selling for under $40. My 6-inch knife is still under $30!




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