Zombie lawn decor starts apocalypse

Did my zombie lawn decorations accidentally start an apocalypse last Halloween?

It started out as a typical Halloween night. The sun had set and I was waiting for the first trick-or-treaters to arrive, when – all of a sudden – I heard this awful moaning on the front lawn.

The yard decorations were on a zombie theme this year, but… no… it couldn’t be! I couldn’t believe that simply decorating my yard in an “undead” motif would invite the invasion that started next.

But I guess that’s exactly what happened.

I peeked out the front door and just about fainted. The creeps were crawling out of the grass. And walking toward the house, making these eerie moaning noises.

And then I realized the truth… the Zombie Apocalypse was starting in my front yard. Oh! Maybe the back yard, too, but it was too dark to go look.

You can see the photo (above) showing one of my scarier lawn decorations: Clawing Zombie Groundbreaker With LED Eyes

How could I know that the real zombies would think they were kindred cousins? I just figured my trick-or-treaters would get a kick out of them. Well… the last kick was on me – literally.

Zombie apocalypse started here

Zombies undeading in my front yard

Hands were sticking up out of the ground everywhere!

One or two were my lawn decorations, but the rest were… yikes! Zombies!

I couldn’t believe how many zombies started showing up… all those hands pushing through the dirt, coming back to (sort of) life.

There were even hands pushing up through the driveway where the children would be walking in their cute little Halloween costumes… looking for their treats.

What kinds of tricks would these zombies have in store for kiddies who just wanted candies?

Little did the ghouls know I had a trick or two up my own sleeve… like this fake ZOMBIE HUNTER bumper sticker that I made to put on my car in the picture you see here. I figured they’d think I was dangerous enough to leave alone.

But no, the hands just kept popping out of the ground.

I ran back into the house and dialed 911. “Get your zombie response team here, pronto!” I yelled into the phone. The operator said, “Wow, the apocalypse started at your place, huh? We’ll send Zack and his hunter guys over right away.”

This is what my front yard looked like:


Zombies have invaded the neighborhood!

More zombies were across the street, too – a neighborhood apocalypse.

I wondered what would happen to the children coming to trick-or-treat for candies. Oh, wait. Here come some now… with their parents.

Oh no! The ghouls got them coming up the driveway.

And now there are even more zombies heading for my front door.

What do I do? Zack and his crew must have got lost on the way over.

Whew! The zombie hunters finally arrived

The zombie hunter decal on my car didn’t fool anybody

911 must have had more emergency calls than I realized. It took quite a while for the Response Team to get here.

You can see how close the zombies came to getting into the house. Their bloody hand prints were all over my front windows.

Zack and his guys took care of things and repelled the zombie horde in no time flat. With so few brains left, undead critters don’t think very quickly. Luckily these young hunter types move a whole lot faster than me.

I almost lost my hand not getting out of the way quickly enough. I can still hear that creepy, crawling creature saying, “Come closer so I can eat your lady fingers.” And he didn’t mean cookies!

Graphic: my house being rescued in the nick of time. You can see the BLOODY HAND PRINT (Vinyl Decal WINDOW Sticker) very clearly. Luckily Zack had a nifty sign to put on my house for future outbreaks.

There’s a link to the Zombie Hunter’s uniform here, in case you need one for yourself. You can see what it looks like on a real hunter (Zack… but that’s not his real name; I just call him that) as he’s guarding my house in the picture above.

The trick-or-treating children finally made their way past all the re-dead bodies – And what do you think they came dressed as?

Want to recreate a zombie apocalypse in your own yard or home?

There are so many zombie decor items available nowadays that it would be easy – and fun – to create a mini-apocalypse theme right at home.

You can find loads of “culprit” Halloween decorations like the ones that I used… on Amazon.

But just to make sure you don’t start a real apocalypse like I did, add a couple of zombie hunter signs, too.

Here’s where I got the idea for my “apocalypse”

Two years ago, my neighbor kept adding lawn decorations all during October. Here’s the pic I took.


My neighbor had a graveyard theme and kept adding funky tombstones, but I was more interested in a zombie decor for my yard.

So… are YOU brave enough to chance a zombie apocalypse in your yard this Halloween?

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