Peculiar Crimes Unit Mysteries by Christopher Fowler

Book 1 of the Peculiar Crimes Unit series, also known as the Bryant and May mysteries, is Full Dark House.

The quirkiness starts in book 1 and continues through the entire series. Almost makes you Google to see if there really is a Peculiar Crimes Unit in London, England.

I like reading this series in order because Christopher Fowler adds new characters and locations that are important parts of the story line.

I’m hooked on this series featuring (past retirement age) police detective Arthur Bryant and his partner of 40 years, John May. The authorities don’t seem to know what to do with them, so have created a special division called the “Peculiar Crimes Unit.” They are out of the mainstream of (and frequently reviled by) traditional London police departments and so are left to solve those cases no one else can… in their own typically oddball style.

Peculiar Crimes Unit Books In Order:

Make sure to read the first one first to find out who these two wacky characters are; then it doesn’t matter so much which order after that. They’re all fun.

(1) Full Dark House [Start your reading here]

(2) The Water Room

(3) Seventy-Seven Clocks

(4) Ten Second Staircase

(5) White Corridor

(6) The Victoria Vanishes

(7) Bryant and May on the Loose

(8) Bryant and May Off The Rails

(9) The Memory of Blood

(10) The Invisible Code

(11) Bryant & May and the Bleeding Heart

(12) Bryant & May and the Burning Man

(13) Bryant & May: Strange Tide

(14) Bryant and May: Wild Chamber

(15) Hall of Mirrors

(16) Bryant & May: The Lonely Hour

(17) Oranges and Lemons

(18) London Bridge is Falling Down (release date 12/7/2021)